This is the conclusion to Betray Me Not, Part I. This story is about a mother who eagerly seeks revenge from her daughter, MaryAnn’s, formal lover; whom she entrusted her heart, and soul in. MaryAnn was a result of the worst kind of betrayal, by the very doctor responsible to care for her. Instead, something went terribly wrong, dead wrong. The unanticipated number of events resulting from the relationship came to a tragic end once she learned the unforgivable truth behind his web of lies.

Excerpt from Betray Me Not Part II, A mother’s Revenge

Soon after, Eric walked in and threw his keys next to the answering machine. “Mom I’m home!” he yelled. He hesitated pushing the bottom, but managed to press it anyway. He listened to messages from friends and family members still calling to send well wishes. The last caller was from someone named Susan. He continued to listen, “Hello! My name is Susan Nash. I met your daughter a few months ago at Dr. Collins office, and I was wondering if I could speak to you? It’s extremely important. I have some information that could be very helpful to you, please call me at 513-555-5544.” Eric clicked to save the message. He walked toward the bathroom door and knocked several times before his mother answered. Jean opened the door. The dark circles had become more profound as the weeks and months faded away. “Are you okay mom?” asked Eric. “I’ll be fine son,” she said as she headed toward the kitchen to check on her tea. Eric responded, “Someone left a message on the answering machine saying that she knew MaryAnn and wanted to talk to you.” Jean’s heart began racing, “Who was it?” “She said her name is Susan Nash, but she didn’t leave any more details. I think you better listen to the call yourself,” Eric said. Jean rushed over to press the bottom on the answering machine.

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