This is a story about a young college girl who falls in love with an older man who happens to be a physician. Although her mother and best friend disapprove of the relationship because of the age difference, MaryAnn Mantel ignores their criticisms. His distinguished look, wealth, intellect, and talents instantly intrigue her. Because of her need for love and affection, she’s overwhelmed with the possibility of spending the rest of her life with him. Unfortunately, because of his love for other women and her unexpected illness, her fairytale story comes to a tragic ending.

Excerpt from Betray Me Not Part I

There was an elegantly dressed elderly couple in the elevator. They both looked on as Dr. Collins and MaryAnn stepped inside. Noticing their age difference, the couple just looked at each other then back at Dr. Collins and MaryAnn as if they expected an explanation. MaryAnn thought it was rude of them to stare. She took Leon’s hand and said, “Thank you for the wonderful time you showed me in your hotel room. I can’t wait to get back to teach you some tricks of my own.” Then she gave him a passionate kiss in the mouth as she looked over at the couple. They were not amused as they stepped off. Dr. Collins looked at her laughing. “You didn’t have to prove anything to those old timers, but I guess I don’t have to worry about you holding your own, do I?” They couldn’t stop laughing about how amused the couple was on the elevator. After walking into the lobby, Leon asked the concierge to get them a taxi. Waiting for the taxi, he asked MaryAnn, “What do you think about being with an older man?” She thought about it for one second and said, “I didn’t know that it was something to think about!”

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